Welcome to The Rural Sisterhood!

The Rural Sisterhood is a growing community of rural women in agriculture, just like you, who love our faith, families, and livelihood!


Hi, I’m Elizabeth

The Farm Wife, Momma, Friend and founder of The Rural Sisterhood! My husband and I, farm in northeast Montana. We raise wheat, peas and canola, have a few cows and big dreams! We also have 2 little, sweet, and crazy farm girls! You will find me blogging while flagging for my equipment-driving hubby (only while waiting safely on the next approach for him to catch up, of course), toting around a huge bag of toys, books and any other items that might keep my busy girls' attention while I run the swather and combine, running into town in grubby clothes for that one necessary part, trying to stay on top of a losing battle with the weeds in my garden, and giggling, crying and empathizing with the women of The Rural Sisters' Community, who have become wonderful friends and sisters in this wild and crazy Ag life we live.

The mission of The Rural Sisterhood is to provide support, encouragement and community so that you can fully invest in your family and agricultural livelihood. As a Farm Wife myself, I understand the stress, loneliness and overwhelming responsibility that comes with raising a family and living a rural, agricultural lifestyle. Working and living Ag, can be challenging, but with the support, encouragement and accountability of other women who understood, we can totally rock this role!

We fulfill that mission by offering The Rural Sisterhood Blog and The Rural Sister's Facebook Community, and The Rural Sisterhood Facebook Page with thought-provoking, encouraging, and friendship-building content and events that make you laugh, inspire you, and empower you!