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The Rural Sisterhood is a growing community of rural women in agriculture, just like you, who love our faith, families, and livelihood!

  Elizabeth - The Rural Sisterhood Hi, I'm Elizabeth, the Farm Wife, Momma, Friend and founder of The Rural Sisterhood! My husband and I, farm in northeast Montana. We raise wheat, peas and canola, have a few cows and big dreams! We also have 2 little, sweet, and crazy farm girls! You will find me blogging while flagging for my equipment-driving hubby (only while waiting safely on the next approach for him to catch up, of course), toting around a huge bag of toys, books and any other items that might keep my busy girls' attention while I run the swather and combine, running into town in grubby clothes for that one necessary part, trying to stay on top of a losing battle with the weeds in my garden, and giggling, crying and empathizing with the women of The Rural Sisters' Community, who have become wonderful friends and sisters in this wild and crazy ag life we live.   The mission of The Rural Sisterhood is to provide support, encouragement and community so that you can fully invest in your family and agricultural livelihood. As a Farm Wife myself, I understand the stress, loneliness and overwhelming responsibility that comes with raising a family and living a rural, agricultural lifestyle. Working and living ag, can be challenging, but with the support, encouragement and accountability of other women who understood, we can totally rock this role! We fulfill that mission by offering The Rural Sisterhood Blog, Sister to Sister Calls (coming soon), The Rural Sister's Facebook Community and our Kitchen to Field Meal Guide with thought-provoking, encouraging, and friendship-building content and events that make you laugh, and inspire, and empower you!

"I have to say how wonderful this community you've built is. I love your offerings of not only farm life tips, mama tips, but you try to help everyone in every aspect of their wellness: physical, emotional/social, mental/self-care, financial, spiritual AND community. You are a gift to rural women and a fine example of how to be a community leader. Wishes for continued growth, success and love, Elizabeth. ♡ You're another mold that was broken when God made you!"

- Krista C.

The Rural Sisterhood was created for rural women, devoted to their family and carrying on a heritage through their agricultural way of life. That put family and the needs of their livelihood ahead of their own and struggle to make time for themselves. You will find thought-provoking, encouraging and friendship-building content and opportunities that make you laugh, and inspire and empower you   Here are some blog posts to show you what we mean... "There is some debate in the online communities about what is the appropriate title for a woman in agriculture. Is she a farmer, a rancher, a farmer’s wife or a rancher’s wife?" Click on the picture to read more! "There is a calf bawling in our yard, as my husband drives out of the yard with one of our cows in a stock trailer. It was an unfortunate event and now this cow is taking her last ride to pasture." Click on the picture to read more! "It was 2010...I got a crash course in the stress, up in the air, controlled chaos, excitement, and unending challenges that come with the role, which I have fully embraced and have become so proud of…Farm wife!" Click on the picture to read more! "After posting on sleep the first time...I decided to write this blog post sharing all the things that we’ve tried for sleep..." Click on the picture to read more!

"Rural Sisterhood!? Where do I begin? The blog? The community of fellow sisters from rural settings around the world? The Rural Sisterhood is such an awesome group of ladies to be a part of. The support and wealth of knowledge from all these ladies is unimaginable. Living in a rural area, "friends" (like, go hang out 3-5 times a week, kinda friends) are not easy to come by. We are all busy with farming, ranching and most importantly - raising our families. So to have this "virtual" friendship with so many ladies that I have so many things in common with is a God send; really. I go thru the week, reading the blog, chatting on the Facebook page and group. To gather with other women and chat about life, kids, farming, and ranching.... In the comfort of my home (and pajamas!) with coffee in hand, is just the perfect way to start the weekend. Elizabeth is an awesome host, friend, sister in the rural community, and neighbor! I think I can safely speak for other members of the RURAL SISTERHOOD when I say this, but Elizabeth blesses everyone she is in contact with. I'm blessed to call her FRIEND." - Mandy M.

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Thank you ever so much for the time you've spent here at The Rural Sisterhood! I hope you'll find support, encouragement and community here! I look forward to getting to know you better! Love to you and yours, Elizabeth ?