How to Handle Overwhelm by Utilizing a Planner

How to Handle Overwhelm by Utilizing a Planner


This training includes a PDF printable and a 37 minute video from a woman in Ag's point of view.

You will come away with:

❇16 tips to help you be successful by showing and telling you how to put these tips into action!

❇A plan for managing the ever-growing and overwhelming number of items that fill our to-do lists!

❇A challenge in the area of self-care!

❇Ideas and things to include in your planner that you've never considered before!

❇Visual examples for forming your chosen planner into a planner you love to use!

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We've all been there. Our plate is overflowing and then the combine breaks down, or the cows get out just as we are preparing to leave the yard, or we've reached our breaking point, the house is a wreck, the kids are melting down, and our hubby is frustrated and short.

I wish I could say, "This never me"! I bet you do too! But this is not reality.

I've been there.

It was summer and we had been engrossed in our summer schedule for a couple months and were getting ready to jump into harvest. We were looking at harvesting the worst producing crops that we've had from the farm. We were looking ahead to added responsibilities in the fall and trying to figure out how to not go under financially and emotionally.

To say we were stressed is an understatement!

I was surviving, treading water, doing only what had to be done in that moment, and was frustrated with myself that I wasn't really “getting anything done”. I was overwhelmed and just getting by.

I was trying to tell myself that I was just “going with the flow”, which for a planner, list maker, and doer like myself is not an easy thing to do. Yet, I had appointments and their notifications in my google calendar, random yet things written in my notes app on my phone, and groceries lists spread between paper lists on my counter and fancy apps on my phone.

Finally, one night, I fell apart to my husband and I told him that I felt overwhelmed, like a ship without a rudder, like I was failing, and unhappy with myself and the results of my overwhelm.

And he, the straightforward practical man he is, said “Why don't you organize yourself a bit and create a bit of a schedule for yourself. Or get a planner or something.”

You see when you are neck deep in overwhelm you need a "listening ear"; someone who knows you or “gets” what you are going through.

He understood, that it wasn't laziness, it was a need to find my renewed strength and ability to fight the overwhelm, by creating structure out of the chaos.

I started with jotting down all the things that needed to be done on a list. I focused solely on the most important things on that list. Then I decided on what were the next best steps to achieve those!

I created simple easy goals for each day and set an achievable time frame for them. Remember we were headed into harvest and you know how unpredictable that can be!

If I got more done then I set out to do...great. If not, then I adjusted.

And...I began shopping for a planner!

I looked on Amazon, I spoke with friends, I looked at Facebook groups, I searched Pinterest, I miraculously was able to search the planner aisles at Michael’s at one point!

The two things I wished for the most were…

  1. That I could compare the planners side by side and

  2. That someone could give me tips as a woman in Ag, for integrating a planner into our ever-changing agricultural lifestyle.

So, I want to pass on what I learned to you!

>>Click here to see a Side to Side Comparison of all the important planner specific details!<<

The Side By Side Comparison is handy, but in person would be much more fun! As much as I’d like to, I most likely cannot bring my planner over to your house, have coffee with you and share all my greatest tips face to face.

But, what I can do, is show and teach you, via a training I created called "How to Handle Overwhelm By Utilizing A Planner"!