Without Daddy

Without Daddy

This post was written June 2018

Today I’m packing. Packing clothes, swimsuits, activities for the girls, and all our baby “stuff” for my expectant sister in law! One thing I’m not packing is items for my hubby. I haven’t been sure how to feel about this.

On one hand there is great anticipation for the girls and I to spend time over the 4th with Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandma and Grandpa, but with that excitement comes a sense of sadness. Someone has to stay home and keep farming. Hay season is upon us. Someone has to stay home and put the bull out on time. Someone has to “make hay while the sun shines”, even though the rest of his family is leaving to reconnect with extended family. So the chance to get away and see family over the 4th, is bittersweet.

I know our family is not alone in this conundrum. It’s part of a life in Ag.

You either put things aside and make memories or you choose to make memories within your life in Ag. Sometimes, part of the family goes one way, while another stays and continues on and keeps things going. The person staying behind is owed great gratitude.

The other day I was talking with a friend and telling her about this trip. She shared that her family was debating over the potential of a similar trip. I encouraged her to go, pack up the kiddos and make the trip! It’s hard to leave our hubby’s behind, but kids don’t get any younger and when opportunities arise we need to take them. It takes lots of mental strength and physical endurance to drive children across states on your own! Not only because of the typical kiddo issues while traveling, but it’s hard to leave your partner behind. It is! And that’s ok.

This scenario is one of a million, where we get to choose as a couple and family in Ag what is important. Sometimes two things, at the same time, are important. Couples in Ag are great at “divide and conquer!”

So women in Ag, feel empowered! Make the choice as a couple, but then strike out on your own with your kiddos and go make some memories!

To those left at home. We haven’t forgotten you.

We miss you. We are so so grateful that not only are you hardworking and will keep things going, but that you also are secure enough to allow the rest of your family go and have some fun when they can!