Wise Men Still Seek Him!

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Wise Men Still Seek Him!

I will admit, I have not gotten it "together" enough to send out a family Christmas card. In the past I've had the best of intentions and begun, but then only sent out a few. So, I thought this year, like last year, I'd write a blog post to share with all our family and friends!

2016 has been crazy, stressful, awesome and worrisome.

It has tested our resolve, faith, endurance, pocket book, and knowledge. We have struggled, succeeded, slid by, rejoiced and fallen apart.

Ultimately, we are looking forward with renewed faith and hope to 2017!

The reason we can do that, is because we know that there is Someone so much greater than ourselves that knows our hearts, knows our dreams, knows our struggles and cares so completely. He has and will continue to give grace, strength, comfort, and wisdom for the days ahead no matter what they bring.

It is because of that and the realization that we cannot do life on our own, that we move forward in faith and seek Him, just as the Wise Men did long ago!

The story of Jesus' birth is filled with impossibilities and things that go beyond our human possibilities. A virgin conceived, angels appeared,  an in utero baby recognized another in utero baby, a baby was born in a barn, a King was born right under another ruler's nose and remained safe, random people showed up purposefully, a star led men from far away to an exact location...

It's so easy to live within our human understand and wisdom of what is possible. To think "Well that was a special occurrence" or "That just goes along with the rest of the odd things in the Bible".

But, right in the middle of the telling of all these amazing things by Luke, He says...

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Did you catch that? NOTHING!

Like "Never", "Nothing" is so inclusive of everything, that you have to use it wisely!

The Bible is God's Word, so if it's in there, there is a reason!

Do you believe that "NOTHING" is impossible for God?

Do you live like there is "NOTHING" impossible for God?

There are plenty of impossible things for us, but to live life knowing and offering up all of our struggles, cares and concerns to a God that is limited by "NOTHING", gives such power and continued reason to seek His face for everything. The good, the bad, we can leave it in His hands to work through as He sees fit!

Our prayer is that you will give your everything to God, seek Him as the Wise Men did and as wise men still do! For He alone can do amazing and abundant things above anything we think or ask!

May God make Himself all the more real to you this Christmas.

May you seek Him like never before!


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