Toddler Christmas "Awe"


My lack of sleep and patience is showing. It's affecting my Christmas spirit.

One of us (Daddy O or I) are up sometimes 4 to 5 times a night between the dogs and the girls. Anyone want to adopt 2 dogs?

Anyways, I love Christmas, from the real reason we celebrate Christmas to the decorations and cookies. As a child I remember being filled with awe by the December, Sunday morning services, the details to which my Mom painstakingly decorated our home, and the smells only the Christmas season brought to our home.

I want to give my girls the same awe-filled experience.

So last week I started decorating...while they were awake! Flushed face First mistake. Lol I definitely want to include them in decorating the tree, but at their ages of 2 and 4, I'm realizing it'd probably be best to do the rest when they sleep.

So between trying to get everything up, and learning a lesson in futility while trying to keep them from exploring every inch of each decoration, which usually ends with it either being stained or broken, I was about ready to unleash my inner Scrooge and pack it all up to try again next year. And the decorations I'm putting out are the most toddler-proof I could gather!!!

I'd love to decorate every inch of our home in Christmas decorations. I'd love to have my girls "enjoy" them the way they do in my imagination.

But that's not who they are. They live life to the fullest. They experience things including every ornament with unshackled vigor. Sometimes, that vigor is easy to interpret as "bull in a china shop" or disrespect towards the stuff we have.

But that's just what it is. Stuff! It's not eternal. It won't last forever. It helps make memories, but it's not the most important part of memories. And teaching respect for the things we have takes time. It will not happen overnight.

So... ?I'm actively cooling my jets on this my daughters' 2nd and 4th Christmas. ?I'm remembering that "awe" comes in all forms and at different activity levels. ?I'm focusing on creating the memories I really want them to have, of a mother who loves them just the way they are, shared Jesus, and does not get wound up over the plight of insignificant stuff.