The Empty Tractor - Suicide


The rural/farming/ranching community can be a very proud, quiet community.

But when challenges arise, very rarely does it do any good to keep quiet and not talk about them.

In the past several months our area has lost two farmers to suicide.

September is suicide awareness month. You've likely seen it all over Facebook like I have. Although, any loss of a human being through suicide, brings sadness to my heart, it really "brought it home" to me when I heard of it so close to home.

When you think of a "farmer", you think, family, invested in the future, hard working, faith, strength, etc.

But, stress, fatigue, loss, gambling with and the volatility of weather and market, can be a description of a farmer and his/her situation.

From the outside, both of these gentlemen, had lots to live for. Family, continued investment in their livelihood, and were described as "really nice/happy guys".

You just never know the internal struggles someone is facing.

It is always so important to not judge a book by its cover and realize that anyone can be fighting an internal battle. This includes the strongest among us.

Today I am holding my farmer a littler closer and I am lifting up in prayer the families that have lost a loved one to suicide.

I hope you will join me!