How To Take a "Farmily" Vacation!

How to Take a Farmily Vacation

It won't appear in Webster's Dictionary, but I have decided that "Farmily" is a word I enjoy using!? Every time I wrote “farm” and “family” I was writing “farmily”. So I decided that “farmily” truly is a “thing", since both entities are so closely linked! So why not use it?! Lol

Last week, we were able to take an impromptu vacation! By impromptu, I mean that we decided at 2 in the afternoon and in less than 3 hours later, we were on the road! We headed north into Canada and had a wonderful time. I felt the tension melting, and the smiles and laughter become more frequent! We had only a destination and one activity planned. The rest was decided on the way or once we got there! It was heaven!

Here are my best tips for taking a "Farmily" Vacation!

*Must have suitable weather

I’m sure you know what “suitable” weather means! Suitable for vacation, means NOT suitable for farming! Lol It was pouring rain by the time we left and the forecast said the rain was to continue! When there is a forecast like that, you don’t consider a vacation, you take one without hesitation! Suitable "farmily vacation" weather doesn’t always happen!

*Spur of the moment

Plans change on a dime around here and I’m sure they do in your agricultural world too! So, vacations, dinner dates, and other rare highly sought after activities occur spur of the moment! Be ready!

*Leave Home!

When you have the opportunity, leave home! So many worries and concerns fall away when you leave home. Leaving home decreases the chances of getting sucked back into worry or farm activities that present themselves. There have been times where we haven’t been able to truly leave, let alone leave the country, like we did on this last vacation. In the past we have taken our trailer and camped 15 miles away from home. Sometimes this meant Daddy O coming to stay with us only in the evenings. Other times this meant “intermittent camping/vacationing” between running back to the house to take care of chores. So, if you have the opportunity and can swing it, leave home! But if you can’t, be creative and find a way to have a bit of a getaway, even if it’s not traditionally considered a vacation. It will still be valuable to you!

*Sleep in

How many times have you slept in in the last month? Year? Laughable, I know! So now is your chance! Don’t make plans for vacation so that you miss this opportunity to catch up on some sleep!

*Set no expectations for the length of the vacation

I know you’ve been there. “We’re going to go have a dinner and a movie date!” You say that out loud and then something comes up and it turns into a date through the McDonald’s drive through! Lol I know! We're “laughing”, but it’s not really exactly funny. It’s happened so many times. Well, vacations are the same way. Weather changes and you’re headed home early. Someone calls and a farm priority becomes a right now priority. But in the small chance no one calls and the weather cooperates, clear your schedule for one more day. It’ll be worth it for sure!

*Live in the moment

Like I said earlier, we only had a destination and one activity (go to the children’s science museum) planned during this past vacation. We got our hotel on the way, we slept in as long as our girl’s did, we drove around and looked at things and only stopped if something peeked our interest. It was heaven!

*Put away your phone

When we entered Canada, my data didn’t come with me! So, Facebook was only available at the hotel. Same with Google maps with driving directions, but we fared just fine. In fact, it was awesome to be able to focus solely on our family and not get distracted by Facebook. I would encourage you to do the same thing! If you have a business that includes social media content, schedule it or ask a friend to help you out! You can read a little more about the strategies I use here!

*Sometimes a vacation is not doing anything.

This really is a mindset shift. Farming, Ranching, an agricultural lifestyle, is a mindset shift from the typical 9 to 5. You can’t technically “leave work” at work, you don’t punch a time clock, you don’t get paid vacation or a set amount of vacation. So shifting your mindset around “vacation” is imperative too. Vacation could be helping someone else brand. Vacation could be not getting another load of wheat in time to make it to the elevator, so you are able to make it to the house a bit earlier. Vacation could be a drive to check cows or fence. You decide that. You shift your mindset. You can make the decision to put aside other stressors and relax in the moment!

What are some of your best vacation tips for "Farmilies"?

I'd love to hear them! Feel free to post in the comments below!