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The Heart of a Rural Sister: Tana

This month I had the privilege of interviewing Tana! She is a farmer/rancher in north eastern Montana! One of the things that stood out to me during our interview is how much Tana loves and appreciates her husband. Yes, they have their struggles too, but I could tell how much emphasis they have both placed on their relationship! I hope as you read Tana's story, that you are inspired too!

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Searching for Sleep

After posting on sleep the first time, I had many friends message me to share that sleep is a struggle in their homes. It was wonderfully reassuring to hear that we weren't the only ones struggling! The conversations usually continued on to strategies tried and even a small private messaging group of sleep deprived moms was formed for support, encouragement and strategy sharing.

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Toddler Christmas "Awe"

My lack of sleep and patience is showing. It's affecting my Christmas spirit. One of us (Daddy O or I) are up sometimes 4 to 5 times a night between the dogs and the girls. Anyone want to adopt 2 dogs? Anyways, I love Christmas, from the real reason we celebrate Christmas to the decorations and cookies. As a child I remember being filled with awe by the December, Sunday morning services, the details to which my Mom painstakingly decorated our home, and the smells only the Christmas season brought to our home.

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