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Becoming A Farm Wife!

It was 2010, I was in love with the tall, dark man of my dreams. A Norwegian guy with a name to prove his heritage! Between the flurry of planning a wedding, quitting our jobs, selling my house, getting married, moving across the state, seeding our first crop, living in a travel trailer, and harvesting our first crop, I got a crash course in the stress, up in the air, controlled chaos, excitement, and unending challenges that come with the role, which I have fully embraced and have become so proud of...Farm wife!

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Traveling with kids!

Traveling with kids - Challenge of a Lifetime! Silly, I know, but if you've traveled with kids, you know that's not exactly an exaggeration. Whether, its an hour drive or a couple days, its a challenge. Living so far from town, family and the closest Sam's Club, we get in a lot of hours in the pickup! That's not counting the time they spend in farming equipment either!

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