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10 Ways To Make Time Blocking Work For The Woman In Ag!

Have you ever heard of time blocking? I hadn’t. So I did a bit of research…You know how we always say, “You can’t count on a schedule staying as is, because something in farming or ranching will come up and you’ll have to change your plans!”? Well, Time Blocking gives you a guideline and structure for scheduling your day, yet has built in flexibility!

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Stress: The Ultimate Hassle

Between wheat prices, lack of sleep, and a variety of responsibilities in and out of the home, this last year's stress level has been through the roof. I know that we're not alone in this, because a lot of other farm families are facing the challenges of how to make ends meet and continue to grow the profitability of their farm.

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Searching for Sleep

After posting on sleep the first time, I had many friends message me to share that sleep is a struggle in their homes. It was wonderfully reassuring to hear that we weren't the only ones struggling! The conversations usually continued on to strategies tried and even a small private messaging group of sleep deprived moms was formed for support, encouragement and strategy sharing.

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