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The Heart of a Rural Sister: Tana

This month I had the privilege of interviewing Tana! She is a farmer/rancher in north eastern Montana! One of the things that stood out to me during our interview is how much Tana loves and appreciates her husband. Yes, they have their struggles too, but I could tell how much emphasis they have both placed on their relationship! I hope as you read Tana's story, that you are inspired too!

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To My Love

Happy days after Valentine's Day! Valentine’s day is always fun, but in truth I find it more important to show and be shown love the other 364 days of the year. I know you feel the same way! That started me thinking... We have a unique situation. We spend a lot of time together because of our agricultural lifestyle. This fact does not give either of us an easy out.

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Marriage: Does it matter?

Daddy O and I have been married for five years now. This year has by far been our hardest. From the stress of the low price of wheat to simple lack of sleep, it's created a challenging year for us. At some point during the year, I realized that I was responding in such a negative way towards Daddy O, his actions or whatever was "ticking me off" at the time. It also became apparent that my frustration and stress was not only being acted upon towards him but was also changing the tone of our family.

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