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Building Friendships In Rural Areas

Oh, the challenges of making friends and building friendships in rural areas! Friends in rural areas can be hard to come by. Perhaps you live several miles from your nearest neighbor. Or there is no one in the same life stage as you within a hundred miles it seems. That can get challenging and frustrating! I think many of us within the Rural Sisterhood Community can relate.

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Are You A Rookie Farm Wife?

With harvest each year, the struggles and challenges of farm life are sometimes magnified.  As I explained to a non-ag friend, it’s like a race.  We’re always behind and trying to finish before “all is lost.”  A couple of weeks ago, as I was lamenting yet another needed combine repair, my husband looked at me and said flatly, “Come on.  This isn’t your rookie year.  You should be used to this by now.”

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"Must Do" Activities With Friends From the City!

This past week we had the pleasure of having good friends from the city come visit us! It’s always fun when friends come to visit, because we get to share the things we are passionate about! This visit we found ourselves trying to cram so many fun things into a short amount of time! It was an awesome visit, so I thought I’d share with you our highlight reel! These activities are definitely on our "must do" list!

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