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The Stretch

Each new milestone is stretching me. I might stretch, kicking and screaming, but I’m stretching and learning. This last rain storm, although desired greatly and so much gratitude offered for it, brought added challenges to my life. A trusty 4 wheeler was not so trustworthy. My last option pickup died. The fields and pastures were so saturated I couldn’t get in without the 4 wheeler, which left me on foot chasing cows in the pouring rain.

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Working Cows: An Ag Couple's Crash Course in Communication

Who needs marriage counseling when you can just work cows and figure out what the issues are right then and there? Recently my husband and I have had frequent opportunities to practice communication skills while chasing and working cows. It seems like after the first snow flies the cows are ready to get out of the pastures and back into the yard.

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10 Things That Brighten My Day!

One of the things that I work hard at, is staying grateful! So one day this past week when I was especially discouraged, I wrote down 10 things that brighten my day! It definitely brought a smile to my face and so I thought I'd share with all of you!

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