Something I'm Not!

Something I'm Not

Something Iā€™m Not!

For years, I tried to be a farm"her." I thought that that was what my husband expected of me. I was a "city girl" that thought the cows were going to bite me the first time I went in the barn. Sadly, that's true.

I tried so very hard to love those bovine. I wanted so badly to enjoy cleaning up after them and milking them. I just wanted to make my hard working husband proud of me and figured that this would do the trick. Well, what made him happy and proud of me was the fact that I was trying.

Now I have found my niche! I drive tractor, help feed calves and help with chores. The farmer deals with the cows and I take care of our children. He knows that I don't love our bovine girls and will do just about any other chore on the farm before I will milk.

Relationships run much more smoothly when you are real, honest and stay true to yourself. Don't be someone you're not just because you think you'll make everyone else happy. You just end up being miserable. They will respect you more in the end for just being you.

Be the woman that God intended and you can NEVER go wrong!

Something I'm Not!

Is there a job on your farm or ranch, that just isn't for you?

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This post was written by The Rural Sisterhood Contributor Mandie Tilderquist! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us Mandie!

Mandy T - FWD Contributor

Mandie lives on a dairy farm in Minnesota with her husband, four children and way too many cows! She is still learning everyday about farming and discovering that she really was meant to be a farmer's wife! Mandie enjoys baking, gardening and watching her babies grow. To her, there is no greater joy than taking care of her farm and family. That's the truth too! God has truly blessed her beyond measure and there is no place else that she would rather be! Mandie also blogs at  You can follow her as well on Facebook at: