I signed up for this!


I signed up for this long before I married my husband. I signed up for this before I moved to Montana. I signed up for this in my youth.

I dreamt of living rurally, raising my children and living traditionally. I thought I wanted a cowboy, but that's a story for another time.

I dreamt of living in a place where family worked together toward a common agricultural goal. I dreamt of working beside my hubby and creating our life together.

But, those dreams, those desires, those heartfelt longings, that have come true for me, aren't what come to mind when my schedule and structure loving brain is freaking out because the one thing I scheduled has to get rescheduled for the 3rd time, or during my toddler-like inner tantrum after feeling "second fiddle" to harvest, which played out as missing a "girls night" that only happens once in a blue moon.

Some days it's just nose to the grind stone, do what I know has to be done, survive, and work hard to not allow stress to show in my day to day parenting or taint the interaction with my hubby.

It doesn't always have to be that way.

I can chose to see it differently. I can chose to let this wonderful, chaotic, lonely, beautiful, stressful, rewarding, rural, agricultural lifestyle be fulfilling, just as I dreamed it to be.

You see I dreamt of it, I imagined this life, but once I was in the midst of it, I had to quickly learn what was necessary to make it work.

How do I fit in to this picture? What is my purpose in it? What gifts have I been given by God that suit me to live this life?

It seems obvious. A farmwife's purpose is to put dinner on the table, do the laundry, run the combine, stack bales, be the glue that holds the family together during the most challenging of times, be a helpmeet, raise kids, help on the farm and on and on...

But maybe, just maybe, it's bigger than that.

You see it's easy to go through life with head down, just getting by.

Whether you're a farmer, a stay at home parent, a postal worker, a grocery store clerk, or a pastor, each of us have been given gifts or tools that we can use. We also have been created with emotions and passions.

God has a purpose for each one of our lives.

No matter if you believe in him or not, you have a purpose!

"When your purpose provides meaning to your past, it's everything." Chalene Johnson

You don't have to have a crazy wild past, but you have things in your life that have been meaningful to you and when you can find out what your purpose is in life and see how your past has led to that, you will find great joy!!

What are your gifts or tools? This is what you do and how you do it. This is what people recognize in you. For instance you might have heard a friend say "gosh you really have a way with words", or "You made that so easy to understand", or "Your smile and spirit, brighten my life".

I'll use Daddy O as an example! (He'll love this! ) He is a quick learner. He can see something and make sense of it. He also has an interest in technology and how technology can impact farming. He also is able to take a stressful situation or decision and really consider all angles before making a decision. Those are some of his gifts!

Sometimes it's hard to "pin down" what your gift is personally because of humility. We tend to avoid "tooting our own horn", but in this case it's important to determine. Ask a friend if you need help defining your gift!

What is your passion? This one's a little bit easier. It's your current outlet or how you do what you do.

I'll use Daddy O again. He is passionate (in his own way) about finding a balance between using money wisely and using newer technology to get the best results with the crops we raise on our farm.

Maybe your gift is teaching. Your passion might be makeup and teaching women to use it well! But WHY makeup and teaching?

That's where your purpose comes in!

What is your purpose? Your purpose is the reason why you serve others. This is the WHY that explains your past.

Back to Daddy O again. He is a farmer. His purpose is to live out the tradition of farming, to raise his family that way, and to make his contribution to continuing agriculture as a viable livelihood in our country.

Back to the teacher that is passionate about makeup! Her purpose may be to empower women to feel confident and beautiful! Maybe in her past there were times she hasn't felt confident or beautiful and using makeup has been one way she felt better about herself and she's passing on her learning to other women!

Maybe you are a stay at home mom and you're thinking, "All I do is change diapers and keep my children alive"! You too have gift, passion and purpose!

Maybe your purpose is to raise loving, caring, considerate children. Your gift might be that you take the time to demonstrate for them what a person like that looks like. Your passion might be figuring out how to impart those qualities and experience to your children at different developmental stages.

My gift or tool that God has given me is to encourage, uplift, and support. My purpose is to empower rural agricultural women! My passion is to connect with rural women from all over by using social media to provide friendship, encouragement and accountability to support women in improving themselves, making themselves a priority, and improving their health and well-being, so that they can fully invest in their family and livelihood.

By using my unique gifts, paired with my passion, I can fulfill my purpose!

So, why is defining your gifts, your passion, and your purpose important?

Because "When you focus on your talents and your strengths, you get stronger!" - Michael Hyatt

I challenge you to consider, define and maybe even write down your purpose, passion, and gifts. I would love to hear about it.

Feel free to comment below this post, comment on my Facebook page, or even email me!

Much Love to you and yours!