Redefining Motherhood


Motherhood is a beautiful thing! Loving your babies! Being a Mom! This little being who depends on you. Hugs and kisses and cuddles! Just to name a few.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing but many times it's not what you dreamt it to be.

I remember the expectations and dreams I had while pregnant with my first. Some of them did come true. Others just weren't feasible and not reality.

Sometimes Motherhood is simply:


Surviving until bedtime. Putting one foot in front of the other. Keeping the kids alive and fed. Then falling into bed, only to be awoken way too soon. Trial and error when it comes to what works to calm a colicky baby, or what works for "discipline" or figuring out what they'll eat, or how to find a balance between investing in your marriage and giving so much to the kids, or figuring a successful bedtime routine, or...or... Changing diapers. Those nasty blow out, up the back, change the diaper, and all the clothes, and the changing table cover, and even your clothes. Resigning yourself to wearing spit up on your shirt, after going into the bathroom at church and trying to wash it off with water and scrub it with a paper towel. Tired eyes, that no makeup will cover. Sleep deprived to the point of struggling with remembering the names of people you should know and wondering if people figure you've completely lost it. Bribing your toddler to wear panties and pants with m&ms or giving them the choice of which pair of underwear they can wear on their head (which is just as successful as m&ms ). Going it alone, during harvest and/or hunting season. Wondering, can I do this?! I have this beautiful second baby, but can I be enough for 2?

Once neck deep in all things "kid" and motherhood you realize that your pre-children dreams and expectations flew right out the window at the moment of birth. You realize that this is the biggest undertaking of your life to date, and the enormity and stress and pressure of it all can weigh heavily on your shoulders. Then as most any caring mother does, you begin to evaluate yourself in this role and question your success, your strength, etc. You begin to look around at other mothers and measure yourself against your perception of their "success". You says things to yourself like, "Her kids are always so well behaved." "Her house isn't a wreck like mine." "Look at how involved her husband is." And on and on that internal evaluation goes, that begins to write inadequacies and concern, upon your heart. This cycle has to be broken. It doesn't do us any good. We have to redefine motherhood for ourselves.

Let's define motherhood not by how "successful" we are, how we measure up to other mom's, or how well behaved our children are but our ability to see "beauty in the mess" of things!

You see, our brain works in such a way that if we begin to see and focus on the negative point of view our brain will work to find supporting evidence for that view. But, if we say, "I'm choosing to see the positive, the beauty in the mess" our brains will begin to find the beauty and we will shift our point of view and focus!

Will you purpose to do that with me today?

There is so much beauty in motherhood... Those beautiful and exciting firsts. First smile, first bike ride, first A... Finally getting passed those explosive diapers. The chubby arms wrapped around your neck for a hug. Being able to relate to another mom, whose baby experienced similar bouts of spit up. The unexpected praise or loving words from a teenager. Figuring out what makes your colicky baby happy. Seeing your child learn a new skill and see the pride they take in it. Finding ways to love your spouse and communicate your needs and seeing him take those to heart.

"Greatness is not about being perfect, it's about giving your best at every moment." Lewis Howes

That I can do, with God's help, of course and I know you can too!

What "beauty in the mess" do you choose to see today?

Feel free to comment below! Writing it down will help you and the other mommas reading this post!

Much love to you and yours!