6 Simple Strategies to Preserve the Farm Wife's Sanity!

6 Simple Strategies to Preserve a Farm Wife's Sanity

We've all been there, maybe you are "there" currently. This place of so much going on, that you are meeting yourself coming and going. Between the farm or ranch, the kiddos, the home...you name it, it's on your plate.

How do you preserve your sanity?

Here are 6 simple strategies to preserve your sanity and make life less chaotic!

1. Make a list or two!

I love a good list. Whether it is scribbled on a sticky note or written on a large paper tacked to the refrigerator, a list can preserve sanity. The items on a list are things that you don't have to remember or keep track of! Just don't forget to consult the list! You can rate them by importance. You can delegate the things on the list to others. But you don't have to hold those things in your mind anymore. Did I say that before? Oh that's right. It was on my list. ? Now if you are like me, my iPhone is a constant companion. I'm less likely to forget my phone at home than the list I wrote. So, I love to put my lists on my phone! I have tried different apps from the simple notes app that comes standard on most phones, to Evernote, to even Google docs! One list that most people use is a grocery list, and I have tried different apps specifically for groceries, but without much success. But, I've finally found my list making, app match!!! ?? It is called Trello! Maybe you've heard me talk about it before? Well, I'm telling you, you've got to check it out! Trello allows me to create different "boards"! I have a board for Groceries, The Rural Sisterhood Blog, Random To Do Items, and the Farm! Under each board, I can get as specific as I'd like! If there is a new receipe I want to try, I can upload a picture of that recipe to my grocery board, or I can create a check list, so that I can check off the items I need as I go through the store. I can also add my hubby as a member of specific boards, so that he can go in and add things that he'd like to the grocery list. You know all those scribbled farm notes you find floating around, like seeding dates, etc.? I take those and input them into my "Farm board" and then can file the paper away and not worry if I've put the random paper note in an "acceptable" spot!

6 Simple Strategies to Preserve a Farm Wife's Sanity

2. Just Say "No"

Saying "No" is so hard. Especially for those of us, who tend to be people please-ers! Yet, it is paramount to our sanity at times! It's really important to have a clear idea of what you can actually accomplish without over doing it and without putting other priorities in jeopardy of not meeting the standards you've set. You can read more about saying "no", in the post I wrote called"It's Time for "no". Click here to read!

3. Set Calendar Notifications

I find that I do best if I use multiple techniques or strategies! So I have my list in Trello that is on my phone. I also use Google Calendar on my phone and computer! I put all of our appointments in this calendar. Under each appointment I can set a specific time, add a reminder notification that will ring on my phone, as well as an area for notes! In the note area, I write things like "dog crate, laundromat, groceries, water". This simple note helps to remind me of the things I want to do while I'm in town for that appointment. When I have questions that I'd like to ask during that appointment, I can list those in the note section as well!

4. Ask yourself "does it really matter?"

Some days are just way too busy and I can't say "no" to any of the items on my to-do list. I don't know about you, but I still tend to hold this high expectation for myself, my home, my girls, etc. even on these crazy busy days. But, these are the days, I have to let go and sometimes ask myself "does it really matter?" Does it really matter that we are headed to town and my girls are dirty from playing outside and their hair is not neatly put up? Does it matter that my dishes are still not done from breakfast? In the scheme of things, does it really matter? If the answer is "no", let it go!! ? Let it go! ? Whoops. Don't get me started singing that song. We've watched that movie just a few times! ? I've also used that question for arguments or issues in our marriage, but that's a different subject and you can read that in a post I wrote called Marriage: Does it Matter?

5. Ask "What's the Next Best Thing?"

It is easy to get bogged down in our crazy busy farm lives, where it can feel like everything falls apart at the same time, and several priorities need to be accomplished on the same day. This is when I begin to ask myself "what is the next best thing?" I can't help put bulls out and swath hay, or clean my entire house for company and help with seeding within the same day. So...what's the next best thing? Can I do a quick pick up and clean the bathroom before I head to the farm? Speaking of not having the perfectly clean home...I love this post called "In Praise of Scruffy Hospitality! Click here, to read!

6. Last but not least! Schedule Priorities!

No brainer, right?! But the priorities I'm talking about are playing with your kids, investing in your marriage, moving your farm business forward, etc. Make sure the things on your to-do list are priorities that really matter and are going to have a lifelong impact! The rest of those items that "feel" like priorities will fall into place!

6 Simple Strategies to Preserve a Farm Wife's Sanity

I hope these suggestions will help preserve your sanity!

They have helped mine and just writing them down (or typing them), ? and sharing them with others helps me to remember to put them into practice! So thank you so much for reading them! ?

Do you have any strategies that help preserve your sanity? Feel free to comment with them below! I always love to hearing from you!

Love to you and yours,

Elizabeth ?