Parenting While on Vacation


Vacation is wonderful, but it can be a challenge with littles. Big Sister is now adapting fairly quickly at 3.5 years and thoroughly enjoys vacation. Sister Roo has a harder time at 22 months.

It seems that when children struggle in a different situation that is when we start questioning our parenting strategies.

Such as:

-Am I firm enough? -Am I letting her get away with too much? -Is this behavior because I'm allowing it?

It never seems to be questions like: -Why is my child struggling? -Is her "behavior" a cry for something I'm not automatically providing because we are all out of our typical routines? -How is her day going compared to her typical day?

Why is our first response the more negative one? At least it is for me. Unfortunately.

I think this is magnified when we are hearing in the back of our heads society's pressure, expectations and "normal".

It is so hard to turn that off!

I waiver between being a "tiger mom" and an "elephant mom". I want to set boundaries, but also want to go well beyond the typical parenting "strategies" of my generation and the previous generation.

Today, I'm giving myself grace to not exactly "get it right", but to recommit to pushing forward to provide what my daughter needs from me.


Here is the article on being an "Elephant Mom". Excellent read!