This Is Ours!

This Is Ours!

This article was originally written for the June edition of Hiline Farm and Ranch!

It is so easy to get caught up in wishing and comparison.

“I wish our lives had more structure and consistency. I could actually accomplish something or at least then I could look like I have it all together.” As I lay aside my “at home” plans, for “in the field” or “parts run” plans.

“Maybe I should dress or act more like that Farm Wife.” As I sit in a tractor with my wholy t-shirt, dirty jeans, and nicked up boots.

“Newer equipment like the setup I see seeding next door would be amazing.” As the wheat market hasn't rebounded, I worry over the continued working of our equipment that is older than I am, and we limp several our vehicles along.

“Wouldn't a hired man be nice!” As we constantly weigh out which pressing need takes priority first. Cows? Seeding? Church? Family? Vehicle/equipment maintenance? Rental house? Our house? Momma’s garden? Replacing our roof?

But, what never wavers is our commitment to this life!

Are we doing it as well as others or as well as we could be? Who knows.

One thing I do know...We are doing the best we can with what we have been given!!

I am learning to see the value in appreciating our ever-changing, somewhat stressful, all-encompassing, and amazing Ag life for what it is!

It's ours!! God put us here!

It may not be someone else's ideal. It may not even be ours at times. When the breakdowns happen, sickness hits, the tractor gets buried in mud where there shouldn't be mud, the girls are cranky from being packed around and moved between equipment and vehicles for hours on end, it may not be perfect, but it is ours!

We get to own it. We get to make it what it can be someday. We get to learn and grow. We get to create something that shows our love for agriculture and something to pass on to future generations.

It's not always going to be amazing, measure up to the neighbor’s operation, look well put together, and it may not run like a well oiled machine (yet!), but that doesn't make it bad, or not enough, or not worthy of enjoyment or our pride!

Someday we will look back on these formative, teenage-like years and thank God for the process, the opportunity, the lessons learned, and the wisdom gained!

This is ours!