My Favorite Day of The Year!

My Favorite Day of the year

We waited with anticipation on the semi hauling the cows. This is one of my most favorite days of the year!

It was a glorious, warm spring day! White fluffy Cotton-like clouds dotted the bright blue sky. It couldn't have been a more perfect day! Finally, the semi began its descent down the hill into the river bottom! So much preparation had already been done.

Fences had been mended where deer had gone through the fence repetitively during the winter on their way to and from the river bottom. Broken rails and boards, that had finally given way after holding their own for many years, were replaced. Gates were rehung and their placement ensured for easy transitions between holding pens. The old loading chute was bounced and jiggled to ensure its solidity.

Everything was ready!

The semi backed up to the loading chute and the cows began to leave the semi. They seemed to survey the awaiting green grass, and you could almost imagine them saying, "Wahoo! We have reached the promised land!"

That first sip of water and bite of green grass must taste heavenly after many long months of cold weather and dry hay.

Last, but not least the calves came off of the semi and started bawling for their momma's. The cacophony of sound greeted my ear and I was reminded of the amazing quality these momma's possess to be able to recognize their calf by their unique call and smell.

We gave them time to pair up again in the pasture corral, but soon we opened the gates and they seemed to move through the gates as water moves down a drain.

The pairs didn't move too far beyond the gates, before lowering their heads and enjoying the bright green grass! I can only imagine the comfort and contentment they must have felt. Tummy fed; Calf at their side; And as much green grass as they could ever desire.

As we drove away, the future was already on my mind. Watching the next group come off the semi and head for green pastures; Checking on them throughout the summer; watching the calves grow and the momma's fill out.

God is good! Cows are enjoyable, encased in a lot of work! And we are blessed to enjoy many different days filled with work and pleasure throughout the year.

But this one, the one with the blue sky, the warmth, my family and the cows and calves going out to pasture…this one is my favorite!