"Must Do" Activities With Friends From the City!

Must do activities with friends from the city

This past week we had the pleasure of having good friends from the city come visit us! It’s always fun when friends come to visit, because we get to share the things we are passionate about! This visit we found ourselves trying to cram so many fun things into a short amount of time! It was an awesome visit, so I thought I’d share with you our highlight reel! These activities are definitely on our "must do" list!

Squeeze them all in the semi and take them with you to dump wheat at the elevator!

Even though it was super stuffy and hot in the sleeper, the kiddos had a blast!

Friends from City Visit8

The elevator was dumping wheat in a huge grain pile behind the elevator and that was a pretty awesome sight. We even saw a crushed turtle shell.

Friends from City Visit7

Take rides in the tractor bucket!

This was not for everyone, but I think the brave ones thoroughly enjoyed how far they could see!

Friends from City Visit5

Teach the oldest kiddos to drive the 4 wheeler!

This was a HUGE hit!! And just to put it out there, they were closely supervised and did a great job being safe and responsible. It was fun to see their different personalities show up during this activity!

Friends from City Visit4

Drag them along on the wild goose chase called “moving equipment”, that always takes several hours longer than originally planned!

I didn't get a picture of actually moving the swather, because by the time we had it loaded and got on the road, we were just ready to be done! ? But the kids sure loved being able to run down the road and explore while we were waiting.

Friends from City Visit3

Drive gravel roads and let the kids hang out in the bed of the pick up as they carefully reach out to touch the sunflowers!

I think one of the things most enjoyed was the open space and the ability to let loose a bit more than you can in town. Even though it was hot that day, the kiddos thought riding in the bed of the pick up and being able to reach out and touch the sunflowers on the side of the road was awesome!

Friends from City Visit

Check cows!

It was fun to hear their excitement over seeing baby calves and help count all the big animals! They also accepted the challenge of trying to figure out which animals were the bulls!

Friends from City Visit2

Take pictures on the top of hay bales!

This was sooo much fun! The kids had so many questions about why the hay was in a marshmallow shape. They just ate up the open space and being able to jump around on top of the bale!

Friends from City Visit6

It was such a fun visit! I totally recommend these activities and more when friends visit your place! It was also so much fun to see them take it all in and hear their perspectives on all the new things they got to do! I'll be sharing those in the next couple weeks! Hint Hint! ?

What fun activities do you like to do with friends from the city who visit you on your place?