Limiting Beliefs vs Enabling Truths: Body Image

Body Image

I've always thought I had a pretty good body image.

But, as I've worked diligently to become more aware of the things I say to myself that I'd never say aloud, I realized that perhaps my body image was not as good as what I had thought.

"My belly has a 'pooch' to it". So when I sit, I often try to hide it with my arms, my girls or something in my lap.

"My arms are flabby". So I'm not always comfortable wearing sleeveless tops.

"I have two chins". If I tuck my chin. So I worry about that showing in pictures.

"My breasts aren't what they used to be" I worry about them looking like they are too close to my mid-line.

You see, internal thoughts become external expressions.

They become the confidence or lack thereof that you display.

They become your actions and sometimes the spoken things that you say about yourself.

So, if I'm taking every thought captive, and that is my goal; If I'm actively working to change those thoughts, and I am;

I need to rewrite those statements.

Here is what I'm saying to myself:

"My body has provided a safe haven for growing two babies. I am grateful for it!"

"My arms are strong. I can use my arms to provide comfort and love to my family."

"Everyone has two chins, if they tuck their chin. Don't be silly."

"My breasts fed two babies, just the way they were created to. My husband loves me just the way I am."

Tonight, I challenge you to think about the unspoken negative thoughts you have about yourself and choose to change it.

I heard one person talk about them as "limiting beliefs". Then changing them to "enabling truths".

Another way to look at those "limiting beliefs" is, not what God wants for us. God knows our weaknesses but doesn't want us to continue to live in our weaknesses. He knows our full potential and what really matters. He loves us for who we are and desires for us to live out what He sees as our potential! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What specific, negative, internal statement or "limiting belief" about yourself are you going to take captive today?

Write it down and then write what you know to be true and you know God believes about you.

Here's what I know to be true:God loves you!I love and appreciate each one of you who follow me here at The Rural Sisterhood!You are beautiful inside and out!

Love to you and yours!