What I learned in 2018

What I learned in 2018!

Wow, can you believe it's 2019 already?

As I move further into this New Year, a short look back into 2018 seemed appropriate. I learned a lot in 2018 and I’m so grateful for those areas of growth. There were 4 big areas that came to mind and I thought I’d share them with you!

Through farming in 2018, I learned …

Every year we farm, I learn more and more about farming and myself in the midst of it all. Sometimes I think it’s learning about how much I can stretch. That part isn’t exactly fun, but through the stretch of learning, I can do more than I could the year before. Another thing about farming that I learned this year, was that it was so much easier to appreciate a good year after having a nail biting, and getting by by the skin of your teeth couple of years. I know that there’ll be more rough years, but knowing that we can make it through, because we can work hard, we will work hard, and we know that God‘s got it all under control will help us get through the next one.

Through my relationship with God in 2018, I learned…

God is not in the business of being an angry God, towering over us, thundering from the heavens, with fire and brimstone. There is a bit of truth to each of those, but the most all encompassing character of God is that He is a God with unfathomable, steadfast, and un-measurable LOVE for each and everyone of us. He created us and didn’t just put us on earth and then dessert us. He wants to have a relationship with each one of us. A relationship that is similar to that of a good friend, and a loving and caring parent. God is ever faithful and trustworthy. His commitment to us, His covenant with us will never change or waiver. He wants to hear from us. Not just when we need or want something from him, and we do need Him for everything, but also when things are going ok. He wants to hear about our day, even though He already knows all the details.He wants us to allow our struggles and our lack of [add your own information here] to bring Him glory. It’s in our weakness that He is shown, full of strength.

Through our 8th year of marriage, in 2018, I learned……

Marriage is hard and sometimes marriage sucks. But it is always worth the struggle. I wouldn’t live life any other way. I wouldn’t have  it any other way. When I look back towards choices I’ve made in my marriage in the past, I see that that door/that choice I walked through now has over the door frame “God‘s will” above it. No matter the choices I’ve made, good or bad, they were part of God’s will. I learned or am learning from them. Moving forward is now what I need to focus on. Marriage is work. Work worth doing. But it is work and romance is just a piece of it.

Through parenting in 2018, I learned……

I heard recently that the latest “thing“ in parenting is to take pieces of different parenting strategies and meld them together to make it work for your kid. My style of parenting is exactly that; taking pieces from things I hear or read or see and asking myself how might it work best for my daughters. I didn’t know that was a “thing”. I do not have parenting figured out. No parent does. I cannot do it on my own. Only by the help of God, I don’t lose my mind every day or scar my girls for life. :oP

Life has reaffirmed for me that a mom‘s gut is highly accurate. When a concern arises for a daughter I pursue help, even when it is not comfortable or my first choice. I’ve also realized that a second child will do whatever it takes to get the attention she thinks she is lacking. So seeing behavior first as a form of communication and asking myself “What need is she trying to get me to see?” has been helpful. If you don’t think they hear or understand what you are saying and living in front of them about a relationship with God, don’t get discouraged. Look for those little moments that show you that your children are listening and your prayers for their hearts, are being heard by a most gracious and loving heavenly Father.

Through friendship in 2018, I learned…

Friendship isn’t all blue skies and roses, but it is rewarding and wonderful. Sometimes it means stepping in when you’re not sure if you should. Other times it means being willing to say the hard stuff and risk a friendship. It means putting aside your own needs and comfort for someone else’s. Vulnerability is a must for a true and lasting friendship to be built.

Was 2018 filled with learning for you? What did you learn?

Please feel free to share in the comments below! I'd love to hear about your year!

As always, Love to you and yours!