It's Time For "No"!

It's time for

I've made progress this year!

It only took 5 years, but this year as seeding loomed ahead, I noticed the stress level increasing and took that as a sign to give myself some grace!

In the past, I have felt the stress creeping in and just figured I needed to put my “nose to the grindstone”, “keep on, keeping on”, “pull up my big girl panties” and whatever other phrases we “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of gals think we need to follow. Finally, I'd get to the place of utter exhaustion, stressed to the max and think, “Now what am I going to do?”

Maybe the answer is blatantly obvious to you, but to this thick skulled, push through it, I think I can do it all gal, it was not so clear!

It is time for “no”!


Anybody else with me?

It is so hard to say “no”, to take things off of our plate even if they are deemed “important”; or, imagine this,…simply not adding more to your plate during this time!!

Can I get an Amen? Lol

So this year, I am daily, deliberately assessing what is on my plate, removing things if necessary and carefully considering the things I add.

Now, I am obviously not a master at taking charge of my “to-do” list, but am aiming for progress this year!

Do you need some tips?

  1. Take a mental inventory of the things on your plate. Consider even the little things, because they all add up! If it will help, write them down!

  2. Evaluate each item against strict “Is it necessary?” guidelines. Consider asking yourself these questions: Is it adding stress? Is it necessary for life? ? Is it important for my children's development? Will it help me get through this time of higher stress?

  3. For those items that don't meet those guidelines, cut them out or simply modify, even for a short time, if necessary!

Taking the items off your to-do list now, doesn’t mean that later on you can’t add them back on. For example, once seeding starts our social engagements drop considerably. Texting, phone calls, and social media become the primary way to connect with friends. Making it to church functions is rare. If you come by our place, you’ll probably find our home a bit more messy. But once harvest is over, we add those things back onto our schedule and enjoy them thoroughly!

I want to offer you a challenge!

Are you willing to say “no”?

Put aside all those "should be doing x, y, z" and focus on the items that are most important!

Do you already have guidelines for evaluating things on your "to-do" list during times of increased stress? I'd love to hear them!

What things are you going to take off of your plate to help decrease your stress?

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts below!

Love to you and yours,

Elizabeth ?