Writing in the "in between" moments

In the last couple weeks I’ve had several sweet readers and social media followers mention to me how they love to read my articles and that they don’t know how I manage to find time to write within the demands of our daily lives. 

I so appreciate their comments and love! There are certainly some days where I don’t know how I’ll find time to write and share, but my usual response to that is, “Thank you so much for reading what I write!” And “Oh, I just use the ‘in between moments’!”.

I’ll be honest, it is a lot easier for me to write during the school year, because my trips to work are an hour and 15 minutes one way, which affords me the time to think through things and, using the text to voice feature on my phone, I’m able to “write”! So if you pass me on the highway, I don’t wave back, and it looks like I’m talking on the phone, that may be the case, but more likely I’m “writing”!

During the busiest time of our farming season finding time to write is a little bit more difficult.

Having time by myself to write is rather infrequent. You know as a mom, if you can put together one full sentence a day, between the verbal barrage of one’s children, is a major success! So during the late spring through early fall, I really do rely on those “in between moments” to write.

There are always things to write about, but determining if there is value to writing about them is an important piece! I often ask myself, “Is this something that I have more thoughts and feelings about?” and “Will writing about this bring encouragement and/or support to other Rural Women in Agriculture?”. 

A main theme that has motivated me to write is that we are not alone!

Our Agricultural lifestyles are unique and there are not that many of us who farm and ranch. Yet, within our community there are such similarities and mutual understanding that we can rest assured that we are not alone in the struggle. There are others that will understand and rejoice with us in the odd and uniquely satisfying parts of farming and ranching as well. But, if we aren’t willing to be vulnerable and share the good times and the bad, it’s easy to begin to feel isolated, alone in the struggle and not understood.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a gifted writer to do this! You don’t need to take classes. You don’t need a ton of time or the perfect writing space. You can willingly share your thoughts and experiences while seated on your front porch while you’re taking a break between chores, just like I am now!

As humans we want connection, but true connection cannot happen without vulnerability. Brené Brown says “staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” So join me in the “in between moments” and vulnerably share what’s going on in your life. 

I know that our words, no matter how unpolished they may seem to ourselves, when shared from the heart, will meaningfully impact those around us!

P.S. This article was originally written for the June edition of the HiLine Farm and Ranch paper