How to Date a Farmer!

How to date a farmer!

With Valentine's Day approaching I thought I would put my thoughts together and give you my best tips on "How to Date a Farmer".

1. Don't lower your expectations, just throw them out the window!

If you are the one planning the date have a plan A, B, and C. Goodness knows, you are a farm wife. You always have a back up plan!

2. Be willing to get dirty!

He may be in or under a piece of equipment, but be willing to be there to be with your farmer. You didn't become a farm wife, because you're afraid of getting dirty! That's practically in the job description!

3. Don't expect roses.

Town is how far away? The flower shop only delivers in town. The likelihood of getting flowers on a special day is slim to none. You know your farmer believes in investing in things that will last. Flowers don't last forever, but his love will!

4. The likelihood of leaving the farm for a "date out on the town" may be quite small.   

Be willing to make wherever you are and whatever you do extra special. Besides, you've set your roots at home too!

5. Love them where they're at.

When it's the busy season, sleep is at a premium and sometimes date night consists of curling up together and just going to sleep. Goodness knows, the Farm Wife is just as tired as the farmer! Maybe even a bit more! ?

6. Be willing to include your kids.

You may not have access to childcare and sometimes just having relaxing family time is as precious as time as a couple. This is no problem for you! You believe in the legacy of family, farming and agriculture!

7. Be flexible!

You never know what will come up, you may have to reschedule or cancel altogether. But you already know that! Farm Wives have been practicing flexibility for years!

8. Consider a date "like you've always done".

Checking cows, fields or fences has to be at the top of the list when it comes to the best farm dates! You get to spend time outside together enjoying the beauty of God's creation and the simple joy of visiting about every day life. I know you! You'll keep your eyes open for those amazing photographic moments and maybe one might even include your farmer!

9. When you do get "dressed up" for a special date, look for the important things!

Who knows what you'll wear. It's likely you won't decide until you're walking out the door, because you rarely "dress up". Don't worry about that! You know what he will wear! He will wear his button up shirt, his cleanest jeans, his good old work boots and that darned ball cap. You'll think he's hot! But, most importantly it's the way he looks at you! No one else looks at you quite like that!!

10. In that moment, forget everything else.

Forget the laundry. Forget the looming banknote. Forget the argument over who's muddy boot prints were left on the floor.


How to Date a Farmer!

Happy Valentine's Day from one farm couple to another!

Have I forgotten any tips?

How do you date your farmer?

Please feel free to share in the comments below! I always love hearing from you!