Hopes and Dreams

The break in our super cold and snowy weather has finally arrived!
As I turn my pick-up towards home, the bright blue sky rolls out in front of me, the sun gleams off of the windshield, George Strait and Garth Brooks serenade me as I drive. Happy cows cleaning up the leftovers of a rolled out bale and dear who can finally find the tops of some grass join me in my happiness.

On a day like today you can’t help but feel hopeful and happy.

Visions of bouncing happy new calves soon to be born, raise my spirits. My mind is already overflowing with ideas and dreams for my new, improved and ever growing flower and vegetable gardens. So bountiful are my visions that I even went a little overboard and bought a bunch of trees to plant and add to our windbreak.
It turns out that maybe you have to be a little careful, when these winter days hint of spring, or you will end up with more than you bargained for.

The grain bins look like shining sentinels and their tops are snow-less for the first time in weeks. They seem to stand with hopeful anticipation of bulging with bushels from a fruitful and successful harvest!

Hopes and Dreams2.jpeg

As my mind drifts to the amount of snow we’ve gotten, I too am hopeful for great returns! Visions of satisfied cow-calf pairs, standing in tall green grass in the summer pastures bring a smile to my face. I think about the amount of hay that we have left in our hay yard. I breathe a sigh of relief, anticipating that we will still have a bit of extra hay left when we turn our cows out to pasture! In my mind, I hear the sounds of contented cows drinking from full pasture dams, lively and full creeks that will bring life back to the river bottoms and trickling, regenerated springs that may stealthily snag and hang onto a seeder tire or two.

We really are blessed to live where there is such an amazing contrast of seasons and have the occupation that we do that allows to be so closely connected to God’s creation.

During the extreme cold and snow, hope is a hard kept outlook, but it’s days like today that so easily cultivate new hopes and dreams and keep us going.