Farm Wife Devotions: Waiting!


This year we are waiting on the price of wheat to go up. We have been waiting and hoping and praying and watching the markets like a hawk.

Some years we are waiting on the weather to improve so that we can haul wheat, parts to come in, better road conditions, or rail cars at the elevator so that they can take more wheat.

But, we are waiting on the wrong things. Things that are not eternal.

You see, God knows our every need and cares about each one. He knows the future and what it holds and how to help us face it, whether it is good or bad.

So when we simply wait on things of this world, we open ourselves up for more stress and more weariness.

Today, lets refocus and wait on the One who cares about our smallest concerns and has the power to move mountains.

What are you waiting on today?

Feel free to comment in the comments below. I'd love to join you in prayer for the things that are on your heart!