Farm Wife Devotions: Think On These Things

Farm Wife Devotions: Think On These Things

This verse was printed on a beautiful lace-like wall hanging, that used to hang in my mother's bathroom. I can picture it as clear as anything. I remember thinking that that verse gave me plenty of positive things to think on, whenever I was having trouble taking my thoughts captive.

Have you ever wondered why the Apostle Paul (who wrote Philippians) didn't just stop at Think on things that are true? Surely, that would have covered it all right?!

So, I thought I'd start by looking at the definitions of each thing we are to think on:

True - truly or truth

Honorable - venerable or honest

Just - Equitable in character or act, innocent, holy or right(eous)

Pure - clean, innocent, modest, chaste, perfect or clean

Lovely - friendly towards or acceptable

Good Report - well spoken or reputable

Don't worry. I had no idea what "venerable" meant either. I looked it up and it means " accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character."

I am no theologian, but it seems to me that these are all character qualities of God.

We know that God and His Word are our compass.

It only makes sense that we should take active steps in ensuring the thing that has so much power over us, our thoughts, is aligned with God and His qualities.

When I read this verse, I also think of 2 Corinthians 10:5. At the end of this verse it says, "and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ."

How do we take our thoughts captive?

By considering whether they are True, Honorable, Just, Pure, Lovely, and of Good Report!

Heavenly Father, My thoughts are an area that I constantly struggle with. I seek your guidance and patience as I continue to bring them into alignment with You! Give me Your strength and mercy this day. Amen!

Do you have strategies for taking your thoughts "captive"? I'd love to hear! Please feel free to use the comments below to share!

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