Farm Wife Devotions: God Plans Our Steps!

FWD - God Plans Our Steps

Photo credit goes to Mandie Tilderquist

It was hot in my college gymnasium that day and butterflies were anxiously fluttering in my stomach. The moment I had so diligently worked the last five years for had finally come. My Lutheran college was assigning me to teach at a school in our synod. I wasn't engaged, like so many of my friends were, and I had no real ties anywhere. I had a heart for mission work and I had just revealed that to the president in my interview. i come! As my name was called, I was ready to jump out of my seat in excitement, until I heard....Cannon Falls, MN. What?! Um, were you not listening to me, Lord? I grew up the Twin Cities area and believe me, there was no adventure here for me like Africa would have. I had fought to get through college and was on fire for the Gospel. Now, I was moving to a little town with one stoplight where I knew absolutely no one.

I got settled into my apartment, where I was the youngest resident by about 50 years, and was pretty proud of myself. My first home visit took me out in the country to a dairy and pig farm. This sweet little 8 year old girl, Maggie, wanted to show her young city slicker teacher the animals. I remember thinking, "This is so disgusting! Do people really live this way with this horrendous smell and all this mud and manure? Surely that is not the smell of money!"

When school had started a few short weeks later, I had quickly fallen in love with my students and teaching. I was lonely though. I missed the late night chats with the girls in the dorm and Friday night fun. Around Christmas time, Maggie's mom wanted to introduce me to a family friend. I was so lonely that I welcomed the invitation with open arms. There was one thing about this guy that made me a little hesitant...he was a dairy farmer. I really had nothing to lose at this point, so I agreed to a movie. I expected a portly man in overalls covered in manure. Why? I have no idea. He picked me up in a truck, I flashed him a glance realizing I was wrong and the rest is history. We were married 9 months later with Maggie as our flower girl. Three years later we had our first child and 3 more came every year after that, one was a little girl we named Maggie. Soon after the babies came, we moved out to the farm...a few miles away from that first home visit.

Almost 11 years later, I just sit and marvel at the divine plan that God had for my life. I couldn't have planned it better myself. I never would have picked a farmer for my partner and I never would have chosen a farm to raise my family on. My life is amazing and I am blessed beyond belief. There is no one I'd rather grow old with and no place else on earth I'd rather live. Isn't it wonderful that we aren't in charge?

Dear Heavenly Father, Before we were even born, you had a plan for us and you numbered our days. Please help us to always trust in you and your ways, though they are not like ours. You know what is best for your children and promise to always work for the good of those that love you. Thank you for your promises, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Farm Wife Devotion was written and shared with us by Mandie Tilderquist a fellow rural sister in agriculture! Thank you so much Mandy for sharing your heart with us! To read last week’s Farm Wife Devotion please click here!

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Mandy T - FWD Contributor

Mandie lives on a dairy farm in Minnesota with her husband, four children and way too many cows! She is still learning everyday about farming and discovering that she really was meant to be a farmer's wife! Mandie enjoys baking, gardening and watching her babies grow. To her, there is no greater joy than taking care of her farm and family. That's the truth too! God has truly blessed her beyond measure and there is no place else that she would rather be!