Farm Wife Devotions: Slow To Anger

FWD - Slow to Anger2

Yesterday my husband brought up a specific subject that sets me off. He knows this will be my reaction. And just like every other time, we started to argue about it, but then I was reminded of this verse about being slow to become angry. So, I stopped and simply asked him, “What is it about this subject that is so important to you?” and “What can we do to come to a solution about it?” I think I shocked the poor guy when I asked that, because it took him a full 10 minutes to get out what he had to say!

I am sometimes quick to jump to one side of the spectrum or the other, I speak before I think and then realize later, that I might have handled the situation incorrectly. I am also guilty of having too much pride to go back and say that I was wrong, which is a subject for a different day. With that knowledge, I am making myself begin to revisit subjects that anger me and just really analyze why they make me mad and figure out how I need to respond vs react in the future.

FWD - Slow to Anger

Being “slow to anger” or “slow to become angry” means that you don’t hear only what you want to hear from someone and react, but you think before you speak, process it and figure out whether or not anger is the appropriate response, before addressing the subject.

Being “slow to become angry” is not only a challenge at times with our husbands, but can also be a challenge when reading through posts on those wonderful Ag pages and groups to which we belong! I’m sure you’ve seen those “hot topic” posts or read words that trigger reactions. We as women in ag are so passionate about what we do, which is not a bad thing, but passion used poorly can end up being demonstrated in negative reactions.

It take a strong mature woman to realize that one does not always have to “fight” every battle we are invited too.

So the next time that topic comes up, stop and review! Are you following this verse? Are you just reacting negatively? Are you being “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”?


I pray that we seek You when we become angry. That we would follow Your lead and be “slow to anger”. That we’d look to You to guide our responses and words. In Jesus name, Amen.

Today’s Farm Wife Devotion was written and shared with us by Mallory Dougherty a fellow rural sister in agriculture! Thank you so much Mallory for sharing your heart with us!

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FWD Contributor: Mallory

Mallory Dougherty grew up moving around Kansas as her family worked for a few different ranches in the western side of the state. Her grandparents raise cattle and do custom haying. She grew up on the rodeo and cattle showing circuits. She recently married in February 2016. She and her husband have a 5 year old son and a little girl on the way. They live in Montana, where her husband works for a local ranch. They have every intention to start their own herd of registered and showing cattle. Mallory has been in the military for 10 years now, working with the Chinook helicopters. Her faith has been her rock throughout the years. Without it she would not be where she is. She hopes to provide inspiration and guidance to her fellow sisters in Christ, by sharing the things God has laid on her heart!