Farm Wife Devotions: Seek Him First

Seek First

I don't know about you, but I tend to roll out of bed with a to-do list a mile long, how many times the girls were up during the night on my mind, the things I forgot or didn't get done yesterday beginning to make me frantic, and an internal clock ticking reminding me that I only have a short amount of time to try to get it all done again.


Sometimes I actually have to use the strategy of literally telling myself to "STOP" and asking myself, "Where does my focus need to start?"

I know where my focus needs to be, but that doesn't mean I automatically place my focus there.

I know that I need to seek God first, but I don't always do that.

My focus needs to be on God.

What is His plan for my day?

God can work through my to-do list, but first on my list needs to be "check in with God".

Ask Him to help me seek Him throughout the rest of the things I feel I need to get done.

Trust that He is in full control of my day. When things don't get accomplished there is a reason.

I'd rather the reason be that I was open to His guidance and saw an opportunity to talk to my girls about God, then to look back and realize the only reason I didn't get those things done was because I was "bucking" His plan the whole day.

Do you fall into the "to-do list" trap? It is sooooo easy to do! You are not alone!

Maybe there is a time that you put God first and an amazing opportunity arose because of it?! Would you share that in the comments?

I LOVE hearing from you! I am always so encouraged!

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