Farm Wife Devotions: I will praise Him in the storm

FWD - Praise You

The picture above was taken by Jessica Nickels.

I started getting severe weather warnings mid afternoon and they were coming every 15-30 minutes!

I also began to see pictures of a well known storm chaser that was in our town start popping up on my Facebook news feed. Never a good sign.

As a Farm wife I've never had so many conflicting emotions.

Excitement and hope for our crops, yet worry and feeling anxious for the bushels per acre to be as good as we hoped. I absolutely love spring storms but also know how devastating they can be for our crops.

So, when I'm feeling conflicted and trying to find joy while knowing the chance and details of a possible negative outcome, here is what I remember!

FWD - Praise You In the Storm

God has our absolute best in mind, even if it doesn’t fit within our definition of “good”!

This song by Casting Crowns also brings me comfort!

That is what we are called to do. Praise and trust Him through it all, no matter what the storm is, no matter the size of the problem.

Do you praise Him in the storm?

What storm are you going through right now? If you feel comfortable, share it below and we can pray for each other!

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