Farm Wife Devotions: Peace

 Desired but Rarely Found?

As I was pondering and frankly worrying over the events going on in the world these days, I began thinking about the peace I desire and the peace that God promises to us! This verse came to mind!

FWD - Peace

It is clear, that God's peace, the peace that He offers to us, is clearly different than the peace the world offers! The world promises peace without struggle and rarely delivers.

FWD - Peace 3

This verse even says that God's peace passes our understanding. Our human outlook is so different than that of an all-knowing God! The world is looking for peace and seeking leaders who promise to work towards peace.

The election proceedings this year are so polarizing. At least one candidate is NOT promising peace. Actually quite the opposite. That makes many very nervous. The other is more along the lines of avoiding conflict, which sounds like and may be an offer of peace. No matter the rhetoric and no matter your political stance, the Bible says that we are to pray for and seek the peace of God, but God does not promise us life without struggle.

FWD - Peace 2

Seek God's peace, prepare for tribulation and turmoil, and accept God's peace, not the peace of the world.

Do you search for God's peace in your life or the peace that the world offers?

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