Farm Wife Devotions: All Consuming Faith

All consuming faith

Farming is all consuming. You may own a dairy and you milk 2 times a day every day or maybe you are strictly a crop farmer, who has a busier season and a slower season. Either way, farming is a lifestyle and is an hourly task master. My hubby describes it as "eat, poop, farm"! Lol

We "get" the consuming nature of agriculture. But, for some reason we don't always transfer that understanding to our faith.

What is the supreme focus in your life? Is your faith in Jesus Christ all consuming?

Has His will and purpose for your life become such a part of your life that you "eat, poop, faith"?

It's so easy to become engulfed and consumed with our role in agriculture, the daily grind, the needs of our children, the community activities we are involved in...whatever it might be... And completely miss out on the wonder, reassurance and commission of having Christ living in us.

What steps will you take today to bring your faith back into focus, back to the forefront of your life?

Please feel free to share in the comments the steps you will take!

I love hearing from you!

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