Farmin' Wonderland

Farmin' Wonderland

Farmin’ Wonderland

Adapted by Odin and Elizabeth Shipstead from “Winter Wonderland"

Published in HiLine Farm and Ranch Christmas 2017

Cattle lowing,

are you listening?

In the pasture,

pies are steamin’

A beautiful sight

Their chewing cud tonight

Loading in a winter wonderland.

Gone away, is the wheat field

Gotta say, it was a good yield

Peterbuilt pelts a tune

As it rolls along

Hauling in a winter wonderland.

In the farmyard you can hear the farm kids,

Spinning the 4 wheeler pulling the sled around,

Moms screams out the door in a fright

“Calm down cause there’ll be no ER run tonight!”

Later on

They’ll conspire

As they dream new ways to terrify her

To face unafraid

The threats that she made

Playing in a winter wonderland.

When it snows

Ain’t it thrillin’

Though your nose, gets a chillin’

We’ll work and we’ll play the farmin’ way

Workin’ in a winter wonderland

Playin’ in a winter wonderland