Agriculture: The Great Debates


GMO, Non-GMO, Organic, Non-organic

It doesn't matter!

If you care about agriculture, then you've seen videos, blog posts, articles, social media posts and discussions on these topics.

If you are anything like me, then when you see one of the above topics mentioned, you either scroll on by or begin to squirm, because the discussion usually turns ugly.

The battle lines are clearly drawn. Pride is involved and nobody's willing to give. There is no dialogue. Many "discussions" end in disrespectful debate and dissension.

This does not benefit anybody. The only way the discussion of these subjects will make an impact, is if we change the way we go about it.

I'd like to make some suggestions!

I hope you will hear me out!

- Let's ignore the sensational, edited videos on social media.

- Let's agree that there is quite possibly at least one "bad egg" in either or all groups. Let's purpose to not define the rest of that group by the "bad egg".

- Let's begin to foster dialogue, rather than heated disrespect between sides.

- Let's carefully follow the facts and science and make a decision for ourselves.

- Let's get our boots dirty walking in the fields and in the barns with producers.

Because as a wise man once said,


GMO, Non-GMO, Organic, Non-organic. The discussion of these subjects won't really matter, unless we bring respect for each side and work to create dialog instead of disrespectful debate.

Do you think making the changes suggested above could positively impact the discussion of these subjects? Are there other changes that need to be made?

Please share this post with others! Let's work together to change the discussion in a positive manner!

Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

I always enjoy hearing from you all!