Self-Care: Is It Even Possible For Women in Ag?

Self-Care: Is It Possible For Women in AG?

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When was the last time you read a whole book in a reasonable amount of time? Went out to eat with a girl-friend? Painted your nails? Took a minute or two to stop, close your eyes, and take a deep breath? Spent time outside of church building your faith?

Do you have daily self-care non-negotiables?

Self-care non-negotiables are activities to help ground and "refill" you so that you can give more and be the best version of yourself. As women it is easy to lose ourselves in the midst of dirty diapers, a million things on our to-do lists, the farm or ranch, community commitments, running the kids around, a job in town, etc.

When I asked myself the above question, I realized that I really haven't thought about "re-filling my cup" as a daily non-negotiable. I have thought about it as this ever elusive "unicorn", as it were, that I chase and only achieve in the best of times. Maybe you've felt the same way?

If you are anything like me, you go, go, go until you're exhausted; You think "I don't have time to read!"; You'd love to spend sometime with a friend, but don't know when you'd fit it in and know if you put it on the calendar, something with the farm or ranch would come up so that you'd have to cancel. So, why try to make plans anyways?!; Pamper yourself? Massage? Facial? Paint your nails? What's the point? Are you laughing or crying right now? It depends on the day for me. Sometimes I can laugh it off and sometimes I cry.

Self-Care: Is It Possible For Women in AG?

Self-care makes each one of us a better person.

A better mom, Woman in Ag, wife, friend, (insert your many titles here!), etc!

Self-care non-negotiables are a way to set your day on the right path. Self-care addresses 3 different areas mind, body and spirit. It's important to consider and be mindful about caring for each area!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what to do to care for ourselves and when we would fit it in.

When can I fit in self-care?

Some of the most successful times to sneak in some self-care is in the small "empty spaces" of your day. For example while driving in the car, before the kiddos wake up, when daddy does the kid's bedtime routine, when the kids are playing nicely together, while you're waiting at the farm or waiting for a part, those multiple times throughout the day when you might scroll through Facebook. These times may not be very long, but if you use your time wisely you can fit in a bit of self-care!

What self-care activities can I fit into my crazy day?

What is meaningful to you? Maybe it's your faith, reading, not feeling frazzled, a walk, a bubble bath?

Would it help to have some ideas of self care activities that you can do in 5 minutes or less?

Click here for a list of 30+ easy to implement self-care activities that you can complete in 5 minutes or less!

How do you fit in self-care? Is it a priority for you?