Blogging: Myths, Time Hacks and Resources!

Recently I've gotten lots of questions about blogging and beginning a business at home. So thought I'd share some of the things I've learned so far!

Blogging Myths Time Hacks and Resources

I started blogging here at The Rural Sisterhood as a way to share my heart and touch the hearts of rural women in agriculture, just like me! I know the struggles they face, because I face them too! So I thought, "why not share my journey and the lessons I've learned by blogging and thereby offer encouragement to others?"! Some of the subjects I write about include parenting, the perfect meals to take to the field, farming (of course ?), faith, and the issues and concerns we as women face!

With that overview, just in case you are newer here (Welcome by the way!),  I want to start by debunking a few myths.

These are typical concerns you may have or myths you may believe when you are starting out and I believed them too!

Myth #1: Someone's already doing it, so there is no room for me.

This is simply not true! You are special and have your own voice. Your perspective is unique! Even if folks have heard your message before, sometimes hearing it from a different angle, from a new perspective, or from someone who they can relate to, makes all the difference!

Myth #2: I'm not exactly "techy". I doubt I could learn to blog

There are so many blogging options out there and programs/businesses that can make blogging fairly easy. You don't need to be able to code to blog.

Myth #3: The only way to monetize is through ads or mlm companies.

This is definitely a myth! There are many different ways to monetize a blog and create a work-from-home business. Webinars, physical products, web courses, challenge groups, communities, podcasts, blogs, Ebooks, the list is as long as your creativity.

Myth #4: You have to be a stay at home mom to be able to actually "make it" blogging.

That's just silly. First of all, if you really want something, you will make it happen! There are plenty of ways to fit blogging into the small spaces of your day! I'll share some of them here!

Here are my best tips!

  • Be ready to get REALLY far out of your comfort zone!! You will have to put yourself out there. People buy from or support by reading people they like! So be yourself. Be as confident as you can, about sharing yourself!

  • Don't ignore those inopportune or “ah-ha” moments! At least write them down, if you can't immediately take action on them!

  • Work with other women who are on a similar path. Networking and sharing information and strategies can be a wonderful way to push each other forward!

  • Keep learning. There are plenty of free opportunities for learning out there. Make sure they are reputable, but go for it dig in and learn!

  • Don't become stagnant - keep pushing for more! Don't get stuck in the “learning” or “perfecting” phase, make sure to get to the “doing” phase!

  • Don't be afraid to narrow your niche! A niche is the type of person you can speak to most specifically. My niche is rural women in agriculture, but I can really speak to the hearts of women who farm or are Farm Wives. That doesn't mean that other people won't find value from your information, but it is important to know to whom you are "speaking"!

  • There is only one you and all your roles have to fit into one bucket. Don't worry about balance, just keep adjusting.

Here are some free resources that have been invaluable for me!


Smart Passive Income -

This is a podcast by Pat Flynn. Excellent resource on all things entrepreneurial.

Problogger -

Darren Rowse is a leader in all things blogging! His first 31 podcasts are about 31 steps toward building a better blog!

Boss-Mom -

This is a new resource I've found! I love that Dana Malstaff comes from the understanding that we are moms and have all the challenges that come with that, but we also are trying to build a business from home!

I do the majority of blogging and work for my business from my phone. I can't always get to my computer.

Here are some of my favorite Apps and how I use them!

Trello - Dana from describes it as “Pinterest and Evernote having a baby”! This is a great way to describe it! You can have boards and all sorts of cards (checklists attachments etc.) underneath it! You can also add team members to certain cards for collaboration! So I have boards for each part of my business; blog, Facebook page and Facebook community! Another area I'm anxious to try using it for is my shopping list. I will add my hubby as a team member that way he can add things as he thinks of them!

Docs - this is the Google documents app! I love it because I begin all my posts from this app on my phone. I often use the voice to text feature, sometimes while I'm doing something else to start my posts. Then I go to my computer, open up Google docs, edit, then copy and paste my post into my blog! There are multiple steps to this process but having one place I can work in on my phone and my computer keeps me a bit more organized and sane!

Photofy - I use this app primarily to create and edit images! I love that you can edit the picture itself, add text with font, color, opacity, etc!

Blogs and Newsletters to follow!

“Thriving bloggers” newsletter - This email newsletter is put together by the ladies at Thriving Home and has weekly awesome tips! - this is Darren Rowse’s website and is filled with resources and insight. He addresses subjects that are important to bloggers, including subjects like creating a blog, monetizing, finding readers, etc.

I'm a mom, a farm wife, writer/blogger and I love The Rural Sisterhood community! So finding strategies and "time hacks" that make it all easier and streamlined is imperative.

Consider these "Time hacks"!

  • Find and use apps that work for you such as the ones I shared above!

  • Consider using the voice to text option. You can most likely talk more quickly than you can type. I don't have a lot of time to sit behind a computer and when I am sitting, I'm usually in the car or tractor. Neither are very conducive to typing. As I'm typing this I'm on my iPhone!

  • STAY AWAY FROM MINDLESS SCROLLING!!!! Facebook is a black hole. It sucks me in too. But if you already have limited time to work on a business, leave the mindless scrolling until after you've got your goals met for the day.

  • Pay attention to "ah-ha" moments! Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income calls these “sparks”! I like that term! Sometimes it's a thought that hits you or maybe it's a question or concern you've been mulling over. Either way it might make an awesome blog post or a training that folks just like you would find valuable!!

Ultimately, if you have the desire to do something go for it! You can learn along the way. You'll figure out ways to get it done between the necessities of your day!

Do you have any questions, I could help answer?

Feel free to post them in the comments below!

Do you have any tips, resources or "time hacks" you've found valuable?

Please share them below. I'm always looking to learn and find new strategies!!