5 Favorite Posts For Every Woman in Ag

5 Favorite Post For Every Woman in Ag

As you know, I love to write and share my heart as a rural woman in ag! Here is a "round up" of 5 of our reader's favorite posts!

Becoming a Farm Wife

Becoming a Farm Wife

This is my all time favorite post so far! I actually wrote it late at night when I couldn't sleep. It sums up all the things I've learned along the way, while sharing a bit of my story and how I became a Farm Wife! I know you will be able to relate and maybe it'll help you explain your role in ag a little better to those who aren't familiar with your way of life! Click on the picture to read the post!

Perfect Kitchen to Field Meals

8 Qualities of Perfect Kitchen to Field Meals!

One of the constant challenges we face as woman in agriculture is meals. Finding new "hubby approved" meals that will work to take to the field, or a branding, etc. can be tough. So here is a quick synopsis of the qualities a meal should posses that will make it easier to get from the kitchen to the field! The really exciting part of this post comes at the end, where you can receive my free Kitchen to Field Meal Guide which includes 2 parts: Strategies For Transporting Meals and Favorite Kitchen to Field Recipes! I hope this is helpful for you and decreases the challenge surrounding meals! Do you have a meal that is always a favorite with your crew in the field? Click on the picture to read the post!

To My Love

To My Love

This post was compiled by me, but I had help from 5 different amazing women in ag. It is a love letter written from a Farm Wife's perspective to her Farmer. I'm sure you'll be able to relate and maybe it will help you say all the things you've been wanting to say to your farmer! Have you ever written your love a love letter? Click on the picture to read the post!

ISO-Friend for Farm Wife

Seeking Friend for Farm Wife

As women in ag, our lives are consumed by our agricultural livelihood and we wouldn't have it any other way. But, it can be lonely at times and hard on friendships. So, having friends who "get" the lifestyle and finding support and encouragement in various ways is so important! This post talks about those struggles and then offers some suggestions for promoting friendship specifically for the woman in ag! Click on the picture to read the post!

How to date a farmer

How To Date a Farmer

This was a fun post to write as I remembered all the special occasions that my farmer and I have had together.  I think you'll agree, that no matter what, "you, him, we, us...is the most important thing to foster and nourish on your farm!" How do you date your farmer? Click on the picture to read the post!